"Time Removes the Tide"

"Time Removes the Tide"
Lake McNess, Yanchep National Park. Over the past 30 years the water level has dropped due to draw-down on the Gnangara Mound groundwater supply. Since this sign was put up, the lake has dried almost completely.

#WeeklyPhotoProject2014  Weekly Photo Project 2014  curated by
Thomas Gillingham , Maurice Loy  , Samantha OBrien , Navin Upendran , Andrew Dobrucki , Bernhard Rembold ,
Robyn King , Francesco Scaglioni , 
ben wong
Week 17 : Time


  1. Thanks Thomas Gillingham. It was tough working on that theme - I had so many choices after today's shoot! Caves, long exposure shots, old trees ... and this.

  2. I agree with Thomas Gillingham great take on the theme!

  3. Great alternative take on the theme :)


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