h/t to Marcos Raúl Carot for this.

h/t to Marcos Raúl Carot for this.

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Arguing with religious people. http://9gag.com/gag/a5dgoqG?ref=android.s.gp


  1. Not all religious people are like this.

  2. Granted. Speaking as one. There are, however a number of classes of religious persons and believers in various other 'isms' (in particular certain political 'isms') that this very much applies to.

  3. Anything that takes over a person's identity has this exact effect. From the extremists in either major political party to football teams, religions (and atheists) and people who wrap their identity around a brand name.. ie - Apple or Android, Ford & Holden, Mac or Windows, Canon vs Nikon etc etc.. humans aren't, by and large, rational across all things.

  4. So very true, Paul Pichugin.

  5. Change that sign holder to a anti vaccine study and who is right?

  6. Ah, but the anti-vax studies are provably false, and so are not facts, but lies. Your argument does not succeed.


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