A little shout out for John Samuel - A case of life imitating art (to certain limited amounts).

A little shout out for John Samuel - A case of life imitating art (to certain limited amounts).

Please compare:

It is my personal opinion that we (as a country) so need to enter the latter...


  1. I see the imitation extends to the paint jobs, if not to the unobtanium "carbon lining".

    Incidentally do watch Garupan if you haven't already, it is HUGE fun.

  2. The bottom photo on the tank biathalon wiki page looks like jousting.

  3. Stephen Gunnell Or a crossed swords salute ala weddings...

  4. Despite being able to identify all the non-Japanese tanks by sight ( although only to the mark not the model) I had a hard time with this show. I refer you to this as my reason: http://io9.com/i-cant-get-into-that-story-because-the-basic-premise-1531936159
    The only thing I really liked was the folk song and the interior fit-out of the Pzkw IV. Because that was just sensible.

  5. Stephen Gunnell I can certainly understand bouncing off the premise. That is exactly what I expected to happen when I watched the first episode for the first time.

    For me the fun, the sheer audacity of it, and eventually the solid writing carried the show past the premise, but I wouldn't expect that to work for everyone.

    I remain constantly surprised by how many people Garupan DOES work for. :)


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