Thanks to the glorious statement of the Chairman of Macquarie Radio, claiming that the social media protest that has...

Thanks to the glorious statement of the Chairman of Macquarie Radio, claiming that the social media protest that has led to several major advertisers withdrawing from either the show or the station is "21st Century censorship, via cyber bullying", I predict, in my opinion, that the entire company is going to go belly-up, before exploding into a cloud of executive guts, with Alan Jones as a chest-burster squatting in the decaying remains. And about as welcome.

I have news for you - Mr. Tate: Protest is not censorship.


  1. Nobody is censoring Mr. Jones; he's free to be an arse all he wants. We're just ensuring that we aren't indirectly sponsoring his commentary, by refusing to buy stuff from the companies who are directly sponsoring it (and encouraging others to do likewise). In turn, those companies have decided no longer to sponsor his commentary, because they rate the retention of our custom above funding the dissemination of Jones' opinions.

  2. Don't want to seem cynical but......
    it's all for show if his audience doesn't drop off he will stay on air. if he stays on air then those companies will come back to advertise. The people who hate Alan Jones never listen to him anyway so the only problem for him will come if his own audience drops off and stays away.

    What's more if there's going to be close election and his ratings are high enough i'd bet there would be a series of conciliatory statements and those some of those offended pollies would turn up on his show

  3. Garry Winterton I agree; nothing will happen unless 2GB is forced to drop Jones and distance itself from his actions. The only way they will do that is if not doing so seriously imperils their revenue. The only way that will happen is if advertisers can be convinced that ongoing association with Jones' employers and supporters is incompatible with their public image.

    Jones is a public figure making money inflaming divisions within Australian society. I would never suggest that he be prevented from holding or preaching his radical opinions, but what I would suggest is that he should not be allowed to make money doing so, and that anyone who employs him to that purpose should understand that they do so at risk to their public image.

    Mr. Jones need to discover that hatemongering doesn't pay. If he wishes to continue to troll the Australian polity, he can get a blog.

  4. of course it wont last, so enjoy it while is happening


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