Well, that's the Ace Race for us for another year.

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Well, that's the Ace Race for us for another year... Four players managed to get three Aces, and three of them got four metal hits, but Peter Bray scraped ahead by scoring a fifth metal hit.
Amongst the female players, we had one player with five metals, one with a single Ace, and Alicia Smith  took home the prize with one ace and two metals - which she has generously decided to share with her two closest competitors.

It was fascinating to watch which holes got the Aces... and which ones got the mulligans. The two did not always coincide! Hole 18 got a lot of mulligans, with the extremely short triple basket, but did not get as many aces as you might otherwise have expected, while hole 12 - the longest on the course - got no mulligans, but still picked up an ace!

Overall, we had 33 players playing on the day, with five additional packs sold to no-shows, or people who love the disc.

Weather-wise, we got pretty lucky, with only one major rain shower, which interrupted lunch for about 15 minutes, and an otherwise gloriously sunny day.

What was very interesting from an organiser's point of view was running the event as a rolling start, with small groups heading out as they arrived. I'm not sure I'd do it again that way, but it mostly worked.

Once again, a huge thank-you to everyone who helped out with set-up, tear-down, running the front-desk, everything. Leece and I could not have done it without all your help.

Watch for photos and a video in the next day or two.


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