Ok, so Leece and I went to see Iron Sky last night.

Ok, so Leece and I went to see Iron Sky last night.

What a hoot!

It is visually spectacular, which should be expected from the team that brought us Star Wreck: In the Perkinning some years ago, on an even tinier budget. Of the budget - all 7.5M Euro (the rumors I had heard put it around 800K USD - never mind, it is still remarkably small) of it, a substantial amount (about 750K) was donated by fans.

The gags start very early - with a blatant electioneering moon-landing, and go rapidly downhill from there. Look for parodies of classic scenes from Star Wars, The Downfall, Dr. Strangelove, and many, many others. One film that is referenced, but not parodied, is The Great Dictator, which is used to great effect in showing the power of editing to alter a message.

Along the way, we have the Tea Party's Great Hope being seduced by a Nazi campaign message, North Korea getting a lambasting, and Finland poking fun at itself.

We also get treated to some great fight scenes, both up close and in space, and try to identify what all the satellites are in the the Great Fleet.

All in all, a very fun movie. Not great - but better than most.

8/10 and Chaplin meets Spielberg, Tarantino, and the Marx Brothers on the Sid and Nancy scale.


  1. I actually think it was a great movie.

  2. Can't wait to watch this. I thought Star Wreck was great.


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