This is the other side of the coin.

This is the other side of the coin. The media and pollies have been making a big deal of how social network tools have been fueling the riots. They have also, though, been aiding communities in setting up recovery efforts, and in providing support for the emergency services workers who have been attempting to restore order and help the injured.

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English people prevent imminent collapse of society, with a cup ot tea and a cake

It's amazing how a simple symbolic gesture can restore confidence. In some areas dodgy vigilante groups are springing up. In my area we were a bit too realistic to put on tights and a cape, so some of my neighbours got together and put up a temporary rest area and canteen for police and emergency workers. Volunteers and donations, as the saying goes, flooded in.

Morale among the frontline support workers is higher because they know how much we value their work. We don't have to sit and fidget desperately because we know we can help. Win-win.


  1. Greater Manchester police chief Peter Fahy acknowledges the usefulness of social networking, particularly Twitter, for getting correct information out to people and quelling rumours.

  2. I like that people on twitter were using the hashtag #riotwombles for coordinating cleanup locations :)


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