As an aside to the whole Google+ names/nyms/pseudonyms/nicknames/anonymity thing.

As an aside to the whole Google+ names/nyms/pseudonyms/nicknames/anonymity thing... I am reminded of this cautionary post about the nature of 'real names'.


  1. My mother goes by her middle name. Never did manage to convince one of her distance-education tutors of that..

  2. Or my mother, with some 23 middle names. Most of which are matronyms, tracing her matriarchal ancestry.

  3. I once had an Egyptian colleague in Perth. Half the Australian government departments he dealt with had his family and given names reversed.

  4. I'm usually only known by my middle name. This was originally because my dad and I have the same first name, and it was either "Adrian" or "Junior". :)

  5. My girlfriend's name is Arkady Rose. There are some government departments that don't reverse her names. Of those, some don't call her "he".

  6. David Gerard Sigh. At least governments you expect that sort of thing from.

    Parents, on the other hand, can be evil. I am put in mind of a long-time friend (and fellow nursing student) of my mother's. Nurse Rose Bush. She managed to get over it though, courtesy of a war-time hospital romance.

    She married Doctor Garden.



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