Homebrew Solargraph Can Camera Refinement

 The classic beer can solargraph camera is easy to make - as you can see from Justin Quinnell's video.

Justin's design is simple and safe for kiddies. Unlike this one, although it has the advantage of being significantly more waterproof.

But what if there was a better way? A way to get near-complete waterproofing (except for the pinhole), and still have the build be kiddie-safe?

Enter a construction and roofing repair product called Flashing Tape - this is heavy-duty tape with an aluminium backing - making it completely light-proof. The adhesive is thick and conformal, meaning that you can get a complete seal with it. 

This means that you can use Justin's tin-opening method (which leaves no sharp edges), and still get a complete water-and-lightproof seal. 

I use two strips of 50mm tape at right angles to ensure a complete seal, but you could also use a single strip of the 75mm tape. 

The only down-side is that you will need to use a knife to cut the foil off when you are done, as the adhesive is permanent.

This means that the component list for a camera is now: 1 can, 1 pin (reusable), 2 bits of tape, and 1 sheet of photographic paper. And mounting hardware.


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