Things that annoy me about the 2021 W.A. Election

 So in a few weeks time the W.A. population go to the polls. The incumbent party (Labor) is riding an unprecedented wave of popularity, mainly due to our Premier, who basically got us through The 19 with minimal deaths, and a roaring economy. 

The other side (Liberal/National coalition) has had their former leader jump ship just a few months ago, and have a perfectly decent, young, attentive, and (for a politician) honest chap in her place. He is largely resigned to the fact that he is not going to win.

The Greens are just plugging away with a 'Keep them both honest" theme. 

So what is annoying me?

1/ The Labor party is choosing to target the Opposition Leader's youth and the fact that he's only been in Parliament for one term. Not a good look, and Labor can do better than that.

2/ The Coalition is basing their campaign on the idea that Labor must be prevented from gaining control of the upper house (the Legislative Council) - or as they call it 'full control'. Also not a good look, as historically, the Coalition has always had 'full control' when they held the lower house (Legislative Assembly). Labor has never had control of the upper house in 175 years. So, again, not a good look.

3/ Labor doing a preference deal with the Shooters, Fishers, and Farmers Party. Look, they are not going to play nice and it is not a good look.

4/ The No Mandatory Vaccination Party, whose policies are based around a very selective reading of the Health Act, and a good dose of anti-vaxxer. They can just burn, OK?

The Greens? Not annoying me. 

OK, so I'm done talking politics for this election. Back to music videos and photography.


  1. Seems fair. I found Zak K annoying before he was leader as he was spokesman and any time you saw his face he was being negative. I'd listen for anything he was going to put in the place of what he didn't like but there didn't seem to be anything.

    Lab dealing with the Shooters etc. No, didn't like that either.

    They'll all be together against the wall when the revolution comes :-)


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