SFF Music Video of the Week - #79

Ok, time for a big jump back through time. The year is 1977, and Star Wars has just come out. Around the same time, a sound engineer's collaboration with a songwriter had just released their second album. Their first album explored the dark writings of a gothic writer and essayist. This one looked at the likelihood of robots and AIs ultimately subjugating and/or replacing us as the dominant life-form. 

Originally inspired by the works of Asimov, they could not get the rights to one of his most famous stories, and so they were freed from the Three Laws and their essential optimism. To solve the lack of rights, a simple punctuation change was employed. They deleted a comma.

I am talking about the second album by The Alan Parsons Project, 'I Robot'. APP's first commercial success at the time (Tales of Mystery and Imagination did not sell well until some years after release), it went platinum, and effectively launched the project's on-going success.

This video is ... low budget. Even for 1977, and feels very Blakes 7. It is very open to interpretation, and really owes more to German Expressionist film-making than to the BBC. 

Enjoy 'I Wouldn't Want to be Like You' by the Alan Parsons Project from 1977.


  1. All that concrete makes me think of the Social Sciences building at WAIT.


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