SFF Music Video of the Week - #64

It is nearly All Hallows Eve, so let's go with something a bit spooky.

This video is painfully haunting in the imagery - doubly so when you realise what the song is about, namely domestic violence, and the struggle to get someone free of it.

The duo, Say Lou Lou are fraternal twin sisters, and the daughters of, if not rock royalty, then certainly nobles. Descended from Australia Alt-Rock and Swedish New Wave Punk musical backgrounds, they have grown into a completely different style all of their own, but with distant echoes their heritage still audible. The anger of Pink Champagne blend with the melancholy of The Church to form a background to the dreaminess of Say Lou Lou's own style, making the whole unforgettable.

Blow the playback up to full-screen, or cast it to a TV, crank the volume just a bit, and be entranced by Say Lou Lou's "Nothing but a Heartbeat" from 2015. 


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