SFF Music Video of the Week - #61

 Running late this week, whoops!

Well, it looks like there's another scoutship crash. At least this time there's more than one crew, even if they don't seem keen on helping each other out very much. And there are some other goodies going on as well, and a couple of music industry in-jokes. Look out for the drummer missing an arm, and the bassist impaled on her axe. 

Then there is the band itself. The Breeders are one of the wonderfully intertwined bands that made up 4AD's stable in the 80s and 90s, trading members from Throwing Muses, The Pixies, Belly, and This Mortal Coil. 

So, enjoy the bittersweet brilliance that is "Spacewoman", from 2018, by The Breeders.


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