SFF Music Video of the Week - #52

Well, this brings us to a full year of videos, with 52 posts. I think I have covered everything from the 70s to the present day, and I have much more to come. There some real downers I have not shared yet, but they can wait until after The 19. For now, I am going to try to be a little more upbeat, so get ready for some fun.

What does this anniversary bear? A track from the 80's, and one of the iconic SF-themed videos from the era.

An human-looking alien, trapped on Earth, and slowly losing control of his powers, finally gets a message from space. Now all he has to do is get away from the humans who are now becoming obsessed with him.

Featuring what was, for the time, cutting-edge special effects for a music video, this track carried the singer to stardom.

Here is Nik Kershaw performing in "Wouldn't It Be Good" from 1984.


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