Non alcoholic Cocktails #5


Ok, this one is a bit more involved, but you can do some of the prep even months in advance.

1 cup crushed ice
2 shots Non-alcoholic Gin (e.g. Lyre's London Dry or Clovendoe Seed)
2 shots Cumquat (or Kumquat if you prefer) cordial
Soda water
1 Kumquat (or Cumquat) cut into thin seedless slices

Place all except the sliced fruit and the soda in a shaker, and shake well.
Pour (do not strain) into margarita glasses, top with soda and garnish with (C|K)umquat slices.

Now, what about the cordial? You're not going to find it in a store, so you'll need to make it yourself.

Finding a suitable fruit tree is the very first step - you may have one, or know someone who does. 

The recipe below is from here:

Cumquat Cordial

1.5kg sugar
4 cups boiling water
500g kumquats
1 tablespoon (rounded) citric acid

Place the sugar, water and acid in a large bowl and stir until the sugar is dissolved. Heat lightly to keep the mix hot but not boiling.

Chop the kumquats finely and stir into the mixture. (I use a food processor to chop them). Leave to stand until cool, the strain through a fine sieve or a nut milk bag, and squeeze well.

Pour into sterilized bottles and seal immediately. This will keep for several weeks in the fridge. If you have access to a preserving system (like a Bormioli, Ball, or Fowler's set up), you can process the bottles using the method recommended by the manufacturer. The result should then last many months.

As a straight cordial, mix at 1:4 or 1:5.


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