You can find me here, as well as MeWe. But youme.social just feels better.

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Still looking for your new home after Google+ shuts down?

So many options out, yet the nearest one that looks and feels like home is YouMe Social.

The site is still evolving so new features coming regularly.

Some things that aren't acceptable on the site are lovely ladies looking for a faithful loyal man , porn, spam, phishing, hate speech.

Oh, did i mention that YouMe Social is freehold?

We don't have VCs or other investors breathing down our necks wondering when the site will make money to pay them back.

https://www.youme.social ... your future home .. come join the other 1100 Google+ers there already.

Check it out and if you like it, stay; if you don't, by deleting your profile, all your content is deleted as well .. but do make sure you download it first.

PS. Do save your data on G+ as 1Gb files. The smaller the file, the faster you can upload them to wherever you go.


  1. Youme has some weird people ... I have 3 friend requests from strangers within 12 hours of joining ... the first within 5 minutes. I've posted nothing, commented not at all, how do they even know I have joined?


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