The one thing I'll never forgive my player for is choosing Dex as a dump stat...


  1. As one who plays an elvan ranger, one can never have too high a Dex. Saving throws for the win!

  2. Absolutely! Sadly, I'm talking about whoever it is who was responsible for rolling up my stats, not those of one of my characters 😔

    (Proceeds to walk into a wall, and drop half the things he is carrying. And the drop the rest of them trying to pick them up)

  3. Eh? That isn't your call. And you should't treat those players any different. You GM games that pillory people who don't choose the highest possible IQ because you overuse vision rolls. You don't have any say over what ends up as a dump stat.

  4. Stephen Gunnell I understood what he was getting at.


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