Question just posed by Alicia Smith - what sort of super powers would a super with a name of "Coronal Mass Ejection"...

Question just posed by Alicia Smith - what sort of super powers would a super with a name of "Coronal Mass Ejection" have?

(And no, causing solar flares is not allowed.)


  1. If you're going to disallow solar flares I'm going to go with superhero tabloids getting the science of what they're seeing wrong and go with what's actually a volcanic eruption...

    I'm sure that's an easy enough mistake to make if you're trying to observe from a safeish distance whilst ducking for cover...

  2. Fry the grid, satellites, and all communications... bring warmongers and nations to their knees, selectively.

  3. You might be able to grow food crops selectively, in a comic book version; and heal 'dark sickness' and of course, cause radiation burns.

  4. Wreak havoc on weather systems, cause/relieve drought, control animal migrations and moods, tides, fertility, and... oooo, this is getting nifty!

  5. Hmmm ... Coronal obviously means pertaining to Coroners. Therefore Coronal Mass Ejection must cause all Coroners to leave their offices and by extension it probably includes all US style elected officials.
    Coronal Mass Ejection is credited with saving over 40% of Californian public servants when the big one hit by getting them instantly out of collapsing buildings.

  6. Would be good for removing the nobility come the revolution?

  7. Only if the nobility were stupid enough to get themselves elected as public officials. Most will just buy their officials in bulk as required.
    Or are you asserting that coronal pertains to coronets?


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