I cannot add anything to this. It is both wonderful and heartbreaking. Thankyou, Lordy​ for sharing it with us.

I cannot add anything to this. It is both wonderful and heartbreaking. Thankyou, Lordy​ for sharing it with us.

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A young friend of ours had a younger sibling. I say had, because his sibling took their own life rather than face the continued bullshit this world offered them as a transgender person.
He made a post the other day on his FB account that hit a few nerves ..
His original post as follows..
I really fucking wish that if this arsehole postal vote has to be a thing that it would see everyone who voted no have THEIR rights to marriage removed and any who are already married annulled permanently.
Want to fuck up strangers lives so you can proudly hold your bigotry high? Then you can reap what you sow and spend the rest of your life having its decisions made people who hate you even though it doesnt affect them.
Seeing as thats what you wanted afterall.
If your plan is to vote no go right ahead and delete me now because I don't wish to waste another second of my time on pieces of shit. I don't care who you are - family, friend, acquaintance, whatever - if you vote no to same sex marriage you are dead to me.
His post had many answers and comments before he woke next morning and he answered this to his naysayers..

OK so I woke to a shit storm because apparently "Be a decent human being not a piece of shit" is a highly controversial and difficult topic. Rather than go off and respond on eleventymillion fronts I will respond here. I'm going to not respond to repeated idiotic arguments that were just worded differently to the ones I am quoting:

"No offense to either voters but isn't this statement just as bad? writting someone off or a group of people fir expressing their right of opinions?"


"Sure sounds a bit offensive to me that you dont allow anyone to have a different opinion to you. But happy to delete"

No, I am NOT writing people off for their difference of opinion. I encourage difference of opinion and have plenty of friends who I disagree with about a lot of things. I am writing people off for their decision to pursue hatred, bigotry and oppression as a life choice. If someone was of the opinion "I really dont think black people should be allowed to marry white people" or "Women shouldnt be allowed to vote, they dont understand the way men do" that person would be a piece of crap. Are you entitled to that opinion? Sure, do I want anything at all to do with you? Not a fucking chance. The very fact you all assume its a differing opinion thats the issue here speaks volumes - it is NOT about a differing opinion, its about you believing a group should not be treated as equal human beings and should not be given the same basic rights. If you disagree with homosexual marriage but said "But who cares what they do, it doesnt affect me" thats fine, that is an OPINION on the matter and while it will taint my view of you somewhat its not THAT big of a deal. When you choose to vote no (or try to play fence sitter Switzerland games and not vote at all) its no longer an opinion, you have now ACTIVELY gone out of your way to directly contribute to the oppression of others. THAT is what I have a problem with. You have decided a group of people are sub human or not worth your time and made a conscious decision to make sure it stays that way. THAT is what makes you a piece of shit.

"if someone i was to turn my back on a friend cause their lifestyle was to be with the same sex i am a bigot evil nasty what ever other names if a same sex relationship person turns their back on someone because their hetro lifestyle or religious or just personal view is different is different - the same sex person is still allowed to pass judgement on the other and this is ok?

equal is when things are exaclty that.

i eat meat others are vegan vegans constiantly call meat eaters names and if we call a vegan a name we are worst in world respect everyones views you dont have to agree with them"

Except thats not even slightly what is happening. Turning your back on someone because they live differently to you is shitty and immature. Both of those examples are quite frankly unacceptable and crappy behaviour. Same sex couples arent arguing against heterosexuality and turning their back on people for being hetero. The YES votes are arguing FOR same sex marriage and the same basic human rights that hetero couples are entitled to (There is that equality bit you mentioned) and are NOT taking anything away from anybody at all. Conversely the NO votes are arguing AGAINST same sex marriage and trying to deny a group of people the same basic rights as hetero couples. You cannot claim that that one group taking away nothing and asking to be treated equally is totally the same thing as another group campaigning to deny equality and equal treatment and take away a groups human rights.

"It's obvious you dont get that you already have the same rights. And if it was just about marriage then it wouldn't matter if called union or marriage or whatever. But when many gay activists have made it very clear this isnt just about marriage...other issues will follow and will then impact people who were just voting yes to give everyone the same rights as in same sex marriage. You're welcome to your view though. I dont go around treating anyone who is gay any differently to anyone else in this world. We are all humans."

It's obvious you have no idea what you are talking about. You very much do NOT get the same rights from a civil union or defacto. How would you feel if you were denied being able to visit your sick dying wife of 30 years because "you arent family"? How about if you leave your wife of 30 years everything in your will but then your family takes it all from her leaving her with nothing because "She was never really your partner". Or how about when you die your family also takes your super because whoops, that 3 year agreement you need to keep signing ticked over while you were busy dying. Just for a start. Even ignoring the whole basic ability to marry there is a HUGE amount of legal things covered by Marriage Law exclusively that currently does NOT apply to same sex couples and fucks them at every turn. You claim you dont treat gay people any different but you WOULD deny them the same basic rights you just get to have because you like women. Id say thats treating them pretty fucking differently if you ask me. Yes, other issues may follow, and those will be addressed as well. Thats how society and decent people work. They look at issues, work out a way where everyone has the same rights and freedoms and nobody has to go without while others get something just because they are different. They then put in place protections to guarantee that and move to the next issue. Denying people basic human rights, placing them beneath you and branding them unworthy of your support because you dont want to deal with any other issues as well makes you not just a hateful bigot but a fucking lazy and selfish one as well. God forbid should you have to acknowledge someone's actual real tangible problems and help do something about it.

"You know what I love about life. The fact that we are all individuals... that we are all different, have different loves and feelings, and that we all have our own individual opinions. Opinions and feelings that Allan Hutton you are quite obviously passionate about and fighting for... and yet in the same breath you are condemning those who have a different opinion to yourself to hellfire.
The fact that you are fighting for equal rights of individuality and then slamming those who just want exactly that, that have their own moral compass and ideals.....
it's not about gay marriage... it's about all of our rights to feel and express ourselves as we are. And that is the exact focus you are attacking here.
Forget it. I'm not saying I'm voting yes or no.... I'm saying it's my god damned business and if you are going to judge me as human scum for having the rights to my own opinion.... by all means delete away man. Throw away 20 years of friendship for a nazi style approach to free thinking.
I won't be oppressed into guiltily agreeing with every political or social matter because I want a fucking Facebook friend. Have fun with all that hate. Good luck to you."

Once again, the "different opinions" defence. I dont care about your differing opinion, whatever floats your boat. The moment it stops being your opinion is the same moment you vote no and contribute to the oppression of others for disagreeing with you. I am NOT taking anything away from anybody with my opinion - only giving something others have to a group that currently isnt allowed. The other side is actively denying that right. Thats not an OPINION, thats ACTIVE and DELIBERATE OPPRESSION. Your opinion is fine, your oppression of a minority group is not. You can express who you are however you want. Unfortunately gay people dont have that luxury right now. I am not taking away or denying your right to think differently and believe differently - I have ZERO ill will towards any of those things. But if you choose to turn those opinions in oppressive hateful action then I have a problem. Its it NOT "Nazi Style" approach to free thinking - Nazi Style approach to free thinking would be along the lines of "No, you dont get to have the same privileges and freedoms as others because you dared to live in a way I dont agree with". Like the people voting No, for example.

"Differences of opinion...not actions. If a friend had slaves and we are under the laws of today which outlaw slaves then that is very different to someone who believes it is ok to have slaves. I dont believe in keeping slaves. But if in the centuries past ppl treated their slaves well then they could maybe have said they believe in keeping them. But of course if they owned slaves and beat them then i would have serious issues with them even if it was legal still. Im against abuse regardless of laws. if i am unable to buy alcohol because im under age 18 for instance...because law says so. Then i could cry discrimination against ppl under 18..and some believe we should lower the age for drinking but i wouldnt not be friends because they believe that. Some believe we should legalise weed. I dont but i wont stop being friends because of it."

This whole slave example can be summed up with "If the government says its illegal then its wrong but if the government says its legal than its right". Which is pretty fucking ironic given the source and has some pretty horrific implications towards human rights. Like what else would be OK if they smiled and treated them nicely while subjugating them? The under 18 discrimination defense is a terrible argument. The underlying reason for the age limit is evidence and fact based (brain development vs alcohol toxicity) as well as an issue of mental development vs decision making (I dont know about you but I was a pretty stupid 18yo as most are). Which is why once they turn 18, those restrictions are lifted. Even so, not being allowed to buy alcohol changes nothing in their lives and isnt permanent (unlike being homosexual). Its also a choice to drink (unlike being homosexual). Its pretty damn insulting to treat something as trivial as alcohol consumption until a certain cutoff is met as the same thing as giving consenting adults the same basic human rights and protections under marriage law.

"Im all for human rights as many yes and no voters are. But not everyone is seeing this issue from the same eyes. I see ppl starving in a third world country as much more important issue to address but hey..1st world issues we have here"

Except for the rights of gay people, so yeah not as "all for" human rights as you want to pat yourself on the back about. Also I dont know if you are aware of this but its possible to do TWO OR MORE THINGS AT THE SAME TIME. I know, I discovered this recently myself like for example I once donated to the red cross AND the surf life saving in 1 day. I just thought Id mention it because your comment about spending millions on "first world problems" while others starve suggests you had no idea you can work on a second problem before solving the first. As for the way the government is spending money - this vote is a fucking disgraceful waste of tax payer money and could a) Have been done much better if done literally any other way and b) Should not be fucking needed because ITS 2017 AND WE SHOULD NOT NEED TO VOTE TO SEE IF A GROUP OF PEOPLE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO BE TREATED AS HUMAN BEINGS OR NOT - THIS IS A PRETTY FUCKING SIMPLE ISSUE. Though if you are a societal shitstain I guess I can see why "being a decent person" is super complicated.

"is this really progress but? if its not legally binding why do it? for the party leader driving it i would be encouraging everyone to boycott it untill it was binding we as a socioty shouldnt be standing for our government running a multi million dollor opinion poll which they could have done for free on facebook by counting i vote yes or no fb profile pics"

Because stupid bullshit is the corner the idiotic government has backed us in to in their shitty attempt to continue oppressing a group of people (and I will keep calling it that because that is what it is) while giving the illusion of choice. Boycotting it wont change a damn thing, an overwhelming "MAKE IT LEGAL FFS" vote at every single turn, no matter what they do, will force their hand. Is it shitty we have a government actively fighting against the people its supposed to serve? Fuck yes its shitty but fighting back and shoving their own stupidity back in their face is the only way that will change. Nobody ever changed anything by ignoring it - Change happens when good people put their foot down and say "NO, we will NOT accept this" at every single turn.

Also as an aside, freedom of opinion and freedom of speech is NOT freedom of consequence. You are free to think and say whatever you want, nobody is required to listen or respect it. That goes both ways, I am aware of this. Also we don't have protected free speech in Australia, just implied and generally allowed but in no way legally protected speech.

So to summarise:

I have no issue with anybody having a different opinion. Have all the different opinions in the world and Im OK with that. But if you dare to take those opinions and start using them to actively oppress people then you just crossed over into the realm of an evil and hateful person and I am NOT OK with that.

As the saying goes "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" and I REFUSE to do nothing. I REFUSE to give any legitimacy or respect to the idea that oppressing a group of people is OK. I REFUSE to associate with those who think their opinions should overrule other's rights.

I REFUSE to stand by and let people I care about have their dignity taken away and their rights denied by hateful, evil people.

Edit: And if people want to use the argument of "If you want to put your difference of opinion before friendship, etc..." then my response is "OK well if you want to put hatred, bigotry and oppression before friendship, etc..." - I have chosen what is important to me and you have chosen whats more important to you.


Yeah, I get that most won't bother reading it all, shame really, this young bloke said it so well, I guess losing a family member hits hard..
You wish to vote no?
You selfish prick... fuck off.


  1. Not enough plusses in the universe.

  2. Omg i HATE that is NOT a CHOICE to be abstinent or choose to muck about. Parrtner with male or female! Absolutely IS a CHOICE just ike what colour tzshirt you are going to wear today if NOT your fancy dinner jacket... i am NOT married have at Police station de facto status as i was asked whilst there if i WANTED the right's of marriage (informed the Police Officer at time pregnant IRONY? HUH? that word;) Lawyers CONTACT me & i am allowed info on a person WITHOUT my last name... Hospital ASKED whom to ring FUNNY that LET IN NOT technically FAMILY get REAL. ...

  3. Because HE gave permission for me to be allowed information from HIS solicitor NO QUESTION. If i WANTED to find out if YOU were in jail, hospital etc ALL i need is YOUR full NAME FYI... 1st & LAST.. DETAILS you are a detail person probably born of the 60'-70's maybe as late as 90's given the rhetoric.... I am nice to my GAY neighbor do NOT believe he nor many other gay-funny used to mean happy (?) People NEED to desecrate the Churches & followers.. Thank you

  4. Traditional to marry i CHOSE to keep MY NAME-NOT DO SO...

  5. My children have MY lastname which thier FATHER-1 was fine with.. CHOSE

  6. If YOU chose NOT to marry but want the opportunity? Awww my brain hurts-good luck with that?! Trying to make sense of it all...

  7. Ring do care? Want 50c? Made a CHOICE live with it...


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