Autumn Skies

Autumn Skies
WPP2016 - Week 13 - Spring or Autumn
+Ken Fowkes,  Alen Ianni , Tim Kennedy ,  Robyn King , Rob Masters ,  Bernhard Rembold , Byron S ,  Francesco Scaglioni , Alicia Smith , Grandma Snyder , Navin Upendran and Mary Wardell


Autumn is the best time in Perth for our quite rare contrails.

Most flights approaching Perth tend to land here, as we remain the most isolated capital in the world. Only 5 or 6 flights a week overfly us, and it requires both high humidity at altitude and low temperatures to create contrails - something rare most of the year for us.


  1. Ingenious take on the theme and a fine image.

  2. Autumn is the season of contrails, and this image, clear and cold is very striking.

  3. That diaphanous layer of clouds in the background adds a very nice sense of depth that is unusual in a shot like this. Very nice!


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