Alas, reason is in short supply in Canberra...

Alas, reason is in short supply in Canberra...


  1. I'd like to report that when I go near a wind farm I always feel happy and energised and I feel brighter!

  2. You can hang out around a wind farm, even have a picnic under one.
    Power stations are an eyesore and are surrounded by razor wire fences

  3. Coal mines increase my blood pressure, even if I'm not near them! Ban them!

  4. I think part of the reason that "You can't choose your own facts" gets ignored is that people think that scientists are "choosing their own facts". For most people science is a synonym for technology with no other connotations. For them science is a thing not a process.
    This is not helped by the total failure of the education system to ever describe what science actually is or how it works.
    It is also not helped by the ignorant media who like to poke fun at the funny people in white coats who do things that they don't understand but sound pretty out there.
    Nor is it helped by the way that the advertising industry is allowed to slap "scientifically proven" over any dodgy claim they want to promote.
    Once your ideology narrows the function of science down to "only functions to support industry" it is only a small step to "science must support the government" and then it is a small step to "publishing science that contradicts the government 'truth' is treason" because the government is the country and attacking one obviously attacks the other.
    :( now I'm really depressed.


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