"Summer? Winter??"

"Summer? Winter??"

#WeeklyPhotoProject2013 curated by 
Andrew Willard , Iain Harley and  Tiina Niskanen
Weekly Photo Project 2013
Week 2: Winter / Summer

While the East Coast of Australia roasts and burns, alternating heatwave and violent storms on the West Coast have sculpted the beaches into their winter shapes. On this day a powerful Southerly wind came up late in the day, creating a scene of summer temperatures with winter seas.
Taken at Floreat Beach, Perth.


  1. Looks like a busy place. Great timing on the wave crash. -Iain

  2. eep, watch out for rips. great pic

  3. i remember it being like that when i went surfing there as a kid

  4. It's always been an odd place in terms of coastal morphology.

  5. yes it can be completely different from month to month i remember most time by passing it because little no surf then if the god's aligned and posidon does some work it would be good for a couple of days


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