Summary: Graded B+.

Summary: Graded B+. Overall, excellent, but suggest adding "when presented with a valid search warrent issued by a court of competent jursistiction" to government disclosure section.


  1. Privacy is an interesting subject. My Kid's pay lip service to privacy they will share everything and anything to each other over the net. if you say something to them it will get shared and discussed by all their friend's.
    When you pull em up about it they just shrug. when i say whatever you say is gonna be recorded and could be used against you they just laugh.

    I wonder if our generation's paranoia about privacy will survive. i certainly don't share private things over the net.
    Governments are secretive but only about their own stuff, companies are secretive but only about their own stuff.
    But the new generations are being groomed to be not worried about privacy, it's a concern for me but maybe not for them.


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