Time for an update! (As emailed to registered entrants.)

Time for an update! (As emailed to registered entrants.)

Perth Ace Race 2011 Update #1

The first shipment of players' packs have arrived, and have been bagged up! It’s very exciting and the smell of new, bright shiny plastic is in the air! A second shipment will arrive next week.

We now have over 30 competitors signed up, with spaces still available. These are rapidly disappearing so if you want to be certain of a spot, sign up below!

In other news, we welcome GCS as a sponsor - providing on-site facilities for the event. We also welcome Down Under Disc Evolution - DUDE, who are sponsoring the Ring of Fire, and will have discs on sale to help you round out your new bags with mid-ranges and drivers. And of course we must not forget Discraft, who are sponsoring the event world-wide, and without whom this would not be possible.

Please visit and support our sponsors:
GCS - http://www.gcs-group.com.au
DUDE - http://www.downunderdiscevolution.com.au
Discraft - http://www.discraft.com and http://www.discgolfacerace.com

For those of you unfamiliar with the idea, a Ring of Fire is a fun putting contest - everyone stands in a circle around a target, and a caller tells you when and how to throw your disc. Everyone who misses drops out, until it gets down to one left, who gets to grab a small prize. Then it all starts again. What sort things will the caller tell you to do? Shoot normally, or forehand, or from a step closer or further away, with your left hand … or even after spinning around three times!

Where are we at with preparations?

We have a caddy sheet drawn up, and the scorecards printed. The course has been plotted, and we have a number of volunteer photographers on-board to record your aces. We have also arranged for drinks to be available, and for a post-competition sausage sizzle. Drinks will be $1, and ye olde sausage-in-a-bun will be $4.

Speaking of things on-sale, we will, prior to the event, have mulligan shots for sale for two dollars a shot, or three for a fiver. A mulligan is a retry shot, so if you miss on your first, you can try again. You can buy as many as you like. BUT only before the competition starts. All funds raised by this event go to help the Perth Disc Golf Club for community projects and to raise the awareness of the sport.

Import things to remember -

* We start at 10:30AM - but make sure you turn up early to get your player’s pack and have a couple of practice throws. The registration desk will be open from 10AM at the latest.
* We will also have some packs available on the day for friends and family that you have brought with you that have decided that they want ‘in’ at the last minute. These will be first-come-first served - another good reason to be early!
If we sell out and you want another pack or two for gifts or whatever, we will be making a list - if we get more than 10 requests, we will place a make-up order on the 26th.
* Don’t forget your sunscreen! Although there is a lot of shade, it will be the middle of the day!
* Signups are still available online here:

Look for the next update a few days before the Ace Race on the 24th!


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