SFF Music Video of the Week #57

Back to 1999, and one that I am sure is going to have some folks convinced that I've gone even further off the deep end.

Let's take on the music first - it is a fairly basic boy-band dance track (technically R&B - believe it or not), typical of the late 90s.  Very slick sound production, but could pretty much be a drop in replacement for any number of other tunes. The  surprisingly clever lyrics are another kettle of fish. The song itself is essentially a fan shout-out - a thank-you note from the band itself. The central message being that the music industry is a major drag, but that the fans are the ones who make it worthwhile. (More recently Lady Gaga recorded a similar sentiment in "Applause".)

The video is (to say the least) over the top. Giant spaceship, synchrodancing robots, hoverboard dodgeball against a holographic opponent, space fighter battles, and the obligatory mass dance scene. And yet, it still somehow makes a story out of it all (mostly), and the chorus line are later shown to be very competent fighter pilots and gunners themselves. (A not ridiculous idea - all require a high degree co-ordination and predictive timing.) 

With all of that, have a watch of 1999's "Larger Than Life" by The Backstreet Boys.


  1. More plot than your average movie offering these days too!


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