Knives Out (2019)

Knives Out is a classic whodunnit. No, that's not right. Knives Out is a brilliant comedy whodunnit.

With a cast of thoroughly unlikeable characters, and a scattering of ones who are not, this riotous tale of who murdered the murder-mystery writer is a joy to watch. The actors are chewing the scenery with more gusto than a nest of termites, there are red herrings and Chekhov's guns popping up at every turn, and in the centre of it all is the victim's nurse. A young lady, still living with her kid sister and her mother and possessing a most unusual physiological response, she is the glue of the film.

Throw in a private consulting detective a  la Sherlock Holmes, and a police trooper who is a fan of both the writer and the detective, and you have a bubbling cauldron of personalities that delight at every turn.

It would be not unfair to compare it with Clue and Murder By Death, my two gold standards of comedy whodunnit, and it compares very well indeed.

10/10 and Miss Marple as interpreted by Victor Borge on the Side and Nancy scale.


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