SFF Music Video of the Week #11

This week let's go to Japan, and an instrumental dance track "自主制作アニメーション『the TV show』" (2009), directed by  SUGIMOTO Kousuke and music by MANABE Takayuki .

The music is frantic synth - almost chiptune - with an accelerating beat.

The video is something special. After a test pattern opening we see a videowall with (presumably) Manabe and Sugimoto at the controls. We then dive into the video stream an see each screen from the wall as videos nested inside each other... until the fourth wall fractures and one of the videos breaks into another. After that, things get complicated, but helpfully colour-coded for your convenience.

Featuring tropes from almost every genre of TV, and the chaos caused by the genre boundaries melding, it is a sight to behold.

A visit to Sugimoto's site has dozens more of his animations - all quite amazing!


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