A Midnight Visit

A Midnight Visit
Perth Girls School

By the last breath of the winds that blow...

Part fever-dream, part vaudeville, part escape room, part mystery, and all Poe, this is never what you expect.

Presented by Fringeworld and Broad Productions, directed by Danielle Harvey, produced by Kirsten Siddle, and featuring a baker's dozen (including the building) of extraordinary performers, this is a one-of-a-kind event.

Upon entry, you are given a brief history and the Rules - the most important of which are No Talking and No Touching the Performers Unless They Ask - and divided into random groups. You are then set loose in different parts of the School to search, encounter, and learn. Expect to get a good work-out.

None of this is jump-scare horror - the horrors are much more subtle and intimate. Some parts are one-on-one, others engage all in the room. All are disturbing.

On to the cast:

Stee Andrews as The King is tragic and disturbing, while Megan Drury as The Actress plays a cast of thousands.Hudson Emery as the Raven is majestic and brooding in all the right ways. Bri Emrich portrays the sensual and insane Madeline Usher with great skill and passion. Andrew Hale's Detective Dupin is all that you could hope for - but beware! Meanwhile, Bobbie-Jean Henning's Virginia is just as tragic as you could hope for. Poe himself is the work of Nick Maclaine, and a more tortured figure I could not imagine. May Greenberg plays the graceful Black Cat, and carries the role so well, you start looking for the paws. Hop Frog the Jester is the work of Jon Madd, and is wonderful. Hannah Raven plays Ligeia the nurse so well, that a single glance can stop you dead. Tom Oliver's Roderick Usher is suitably crazed. And last, but by no means least is Lizzie Reid, played by Atara Lebransky who gives this obsessed schoolgirl a truly terrifying life.

And behind all this is the school itself, twisting and turning into itself, and as much an actor as the humans. And the cat. Or is she human?

9/10 Not for the faint of heart, and all the Things Under The Bed coming out to play.



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