One of those stories that you could not make up!

One of those stories that you could not make up!

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"You could say she was the female Indiana Jones, except of course, Indie was a fictional character, and Aloha Wanderwell was very much the real deal. After landing a seaplane on an unexplored stretch of the Amazonian River, she captured the first-known visual recordings of Stone Age peoples while living amongst the Bororo tribe, and when fuel ran out on the unchartered roads of Africa, she resorted to filling her Model T Ford with crushed bananas and animal fat to keep going. 

When she was just sixteen years old, this statuesque young Canadian explorer set off on an outlandish journey in 1922 to become the first woman to drive around the world, collecting enough material and film footage to make the greatest Hollywood epic that never was. With film star looks, and sporting tomboyish glamour almost a decade before Amelia Earhart was on the scene, Aloha Wanderwell was once hailed as “the World’s Most Travelled Girl”, but in the end, she would die in relative obscurity. Nearly 100 years after she began her adventurous career, we’d like to change that, and help bring this fabulously-named, vintage muse onto your radar."

This is a pretty interesting article - you can read more at the messy nessy site linked :)


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