Alicia Smith​ has spotted that there is a new edition of Iron Dragon out.

Alicia Smith​ has spotted that there is a new edition of Iron Dragon out.

A classic of the time, but I too wonder how it has aged.

Pinging the scribbly game affectionado John Samuel​ 😎

Originally shared by Alicia Smith

I don't know what to think of the new Iron Dragon.

Of the scribblies it was always my favourite. Only played it 2 or 3 times though, and my memories of actual play are dim.

I always kind of wanted it, the only scribbly that had that effect on me.

I'm not sure I like the new box art - it seems kind of muddy. A gentleman over at boardgamegeek has helpfully posted side by side photographic comparisons of the two editions.

I've recently got glasses, not much correction though. There's concerns in the forums that the new edition is less kind to deteriorating eyesight. Which is a bit silly as it had a big fan base all of whom now may be suffering deterioration of vision.

Iron Dragon came out before Ticket to Ride and its myriade variants. Will my patience for the scribbly form of game have been destroyed by the quicker Euros I've been playing for decades now?

Is it World in Flames vs Memoir '44?

What do you think?

Oh, and here's a link to an article from Game Trade Magazine.

Also will treatises appear on exactly how best to Dragon your Train?


  1. I'll try to remember to look at this later. My internet access is somewhat... intermittent on the tour (he says whilst leeching the free wifi at the Apple Market in Covent Garden). I haven't played scribblies in ages though, and I agree fully with Alicia Smith that Iron Dragon was the best of the theme.


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