A most excellent list. Well, for anyone, really.

A most excellent list. Well, for anyone, really.

Note: There is one contentious item - the necklace.

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  1. But, what if she's a jetpack test pilot?

    Top 1 Thing NO WOMAN Should Wear after 30?
    Anything she doesn't bloody want to!

  2. A good point about the jetpack, but I would hope it has had a least a modicum of automated testing before putting it on anyone.

    I also agree totally with your other point, although I reserve the right to look sideways at anyone who chooses to wear any of the things on the list.

    On third thoughts, there could well be justifiable circumstances for #13.

  3. Guess I'll have to hang up my shirt made of wasps. NO DON'T OPEN THAT CUPBOARD!

  4. I will add that I already look sideways at people who craft bee-beards.

    So I am sorry, but you should hang that up too.

    NO! Not in the same cupboard!!!

  5. I'm sure putting it in with the superglue and twigs will be fiiiiiiiiiine.

  6. Ummm... just as long as it is not in with the wasp shirt.


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