This is at once brilliantly funny and tragically sad.

This is at once brilliantly funny and tragically sad. As a humour piece, it is superbly dark and witty, and as a political commentary, tragically accurate.

As I look back at the our political history in Australia, the very sad thing is that I cannot point at any one event and say "This is where it all went wrong" - it has been a slow march downhill for many decades. Sort of like being gently boiled alive.

And to round things out, I look at Canada, the UK, and the USA, and think 'This could be about any of them, too'.


  1. In truth i think the net is a curse for the body politic and our opinion of them.
    Do not despair i think we are no different and are probably more principled than the early uk parliaments
    Just imagine what would have happened to them if twitter was around in the 1800's

  2. I think Garry may be tragically right. These things go in cycles and certainly there have been high points and low points in the behaviour of parliments. However this IS the 21st centuary and the behavoiur of the politicians IS under scrutiny even if we are powerless to do anything about it. We expect a higher standard of behaviour for the amount of money we are paying.


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