Revisited Ogre after nearly 20 years.

Revisited Ogre after nearly 20 years... not only has the suck fairy not visited, but, as Alicia Smithsaid, the 'pimp my game' fairy has.

Here a Mark III falls foul of 4 howitzers, 2 GEVs, 2 missile tanks, and handful of infanty. Largely thanks to a very lucky opening hit on the main battery.

At the end, I had lost one howitzer, and all my mobile forces, except for the two GEVs. My command post also survived!


  1. Wow, this takes me back. I had the pocket edition 25 years ago and I think my parents are holding it hostage. I might have to go cupboard rummaging on Christmas day.

  2. I'm a new player, but man is the game fun. More fun than I expected.

  3. My wife (Alicia) and I played this when we were courting. :)


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