So we're just back from the join Nik Kershaw/Kim Wilde show at the Astor.

So we're just back from the join Nik Kershaw/Kim Wilde show at the Astor. This was the last show of the tour, and what a show it was.

Nik opened with Wide Boy, and proved that not only is he one of the most accomplished songwriters of the 80s, but that he can still wow a crowd with his performing skills. He followed with a a wide selection of his more famous tracks - making mention along the way of another concert series he did that consisted of the entirety of The Riddle album. He also played a few of his more recent songs, including a very moving piece call The Sky is the Limit. He wound up with his greatest hit, Wouldn't It Be Good, to resounding applause. Although remembered as a keyboardist in the 80s, he played guitar during the show, and he can shred with the best of them!

After his set, there was an intermission, and Kim Wilde came out, with the same band. Exactly the same band. This meant that her lead guitarist was Nik! She sang a huge set, covering her hits (including some unexpected ones, like Cambodia) and a number of covers, including Wonderful Life (Black), and I Touch Myself (Divynils) - which was a worthy memorial to the late Ms Amphlett.

For part of the of the set most of the band took a break, leaving the backing vocalist and the second guitarist (now playing acoustic guitar) with Kim on stage. This is when she told us a little more how her career works. The backing vocalist was Scarlett Wilde, her niece by way of her younger brother, Ricky - the second guitarist! Ricky is also her songwriter and producer. Then the rest of the band came back, and she proceeded to rock the house down, ending to thundering applause with Kids in America.

For an encore, Kim and Nik did a duet, which was very well received.

Both are stunning professionals, and have remained great performers. Ricky and Nik continue to create fantastic music, while Kim is a great singer with extraordinary range and a stunning performer. Meanwhile, Scarlett Wilde is someone to look out for - that apple has not fallen very far from the tree at all!

All in all a fantastic concert and well worth it. 10/10 and the all your best memories of the 80s are untarnished by reality on the Sid and Nancy scale.

For the few of us who waited long enough at the stage door, Kim and Nik did pause to sign some memorabilia (including several vinyl LPs) and to have photos taken on their way to the car back to their hotel. They were very gracious about it, and were happy to chat (if only for a couple of minutes).


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