Does anyone know anything about this vessel?

Does anyone know anything about this vessel? She is the "Hybrid Ark", and around the 60-70' mark in size, a gaff-rigged ketch.
The build looks modern, but the styling says early 1800s...
My Google-fu has failed me :-(


  1. I was told that it was hand made by owner, but can't confirm that. I saw it run up deliberately onto the beach on high tide so running repairs could be done about a month ago, in between the boat ramps there.

  2. Thanks for that Trevor Main ! If she can be run up like that, then she must have a very traditional hull below the waterline, too. I wonder what the owner/builder has planned for her...

  3. It does have a VOK look about it aside from the foc'sle ... which is where the 'hybrid' part of her name comes in I suppose. Of a size with the Duyfkin.

  4. And the odd fact of being a gaffer, not square rigged...

  5. True, but more practical for a small crew to manage a fore and aft rig than square.


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