Here's an update on this year's Ace Race - the 10th anniversary of the event.

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Here's an update on this year's Ace Race - the 10th anniversary of the event.

Leece and I have now laid out the course at Perry Lakes - and it should be a fun one, with an extra special hole 18 planned.

There will be a slight format change from last year; this year we are going with a rolling start, so as soon as a group of four or five arrive and collect their packs they can start playing from hole 1.

The course will be open from 10am to 2pm, on August 4th.

We have also managed to arrange a second major prize, so you now have two big prizes to aim for, and a multitude of minor prizes including discs, minis and more.

Lastly, rumours have surfaced that this year's disc will be a driver - if this is true, then it will be the first one in five years! The last time a driver appeared in the Ace Race it became the amazingly versatile Impact. As for the rest of the player's pack? Still a mystery.

We will be ordering player packs around July 16, so make sure you've registered by then. As always, some extras will be ordered, but they will be first-come-first served on the day.

You can register and pay here: . Cost is $35/player.

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And remember, the following week is the Perth Open, on the 10th-12th August.

The premier Disc Golf event of the W.A. calendar, the Perth Open is being held at Perry Lakes Reserve this year, with a friendly doubles match on the Friday at Rob Hancock from 3pm.

An exciting and novel course has been designed, and has both Open/Advanced tees and Rec/Women's/Juniors tees, catering to all skill levels. Entry will cost $70 for Open divisions, and $40 for all others.

You can pre-register here:

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