Victoria Nigar created a poster.

Originally shared by Rob Shinn

Victoria Nigar created a poster. I thought it might need a bit of work to make it more convincing, so I've helped her out.


  1. I am glad I am not the only one to notice the injustice of it.
    Jobs even made the cover of Time. Dennis should have been there 1000 times over. But then again, others to grace the cover in recent months include Bin Laden and Gadaffi. Maybe there is a bit of justice in the world. :-)

  2. Well, yes ... but ... John McCarthy died within a week of Dennis and how many of you know who he is?
    Dennis created a hack ... a clever hack certainly but a hack none the less. Many people would say that the unreliable state of modern programming is a direct result of the dominance of that hack.
    John created a elegant and powerful language in 1958 that is still in everyday use today. He invented garbage collection in 1959. In 1961 he invented time sharing and proposed computing as a service. He did early work on proof of correctness for compilers. He invented conditional expressions (if .. then) for Algol 60. One of the great irony's of programming is that one of the most popular programming editors that has been used to write reams of buggy C programs was written in John's language ... LISP.


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