Seriously WTF?

Seriously WTF?

Suing for use of facts? I mean in any sane world this is not going to fly, but for the next however many months/years there are not going to be any updates to the TZ database, and any changes (of which there can be many in any given year) will not be updated - resulting in times in many parts of the world being mis-reported in emails, on web logs, and in documents. From a legal perspective, this is a potential disaster - not to mention the other impacts for technical people.

Rage does not adequately describe my mood right now.


  1. It is this sort of nonsense that causes big protests in Wall St.

  2. Lev - no, it appears to be legal chancers. Astrology bozos appear to have bought the rights to the source book and are now suing based on facts from said book being used.

  3. sigh

    Glad I don't work where I used to. Some of the clients were completely anal about the correct time appearing on some of the pages, so I can only imagine the issues and hardships this will cause in the future.

    Like you say though, in any sane world this would just be laughed at and thrown out. I want a sane world back!

  4. It may yet. It has not been heard yet.


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